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Nantucket Dolphins Policies

General Behavior


Nantucket Dolphins Swim Team Handbook ***COMING SOON***


All swimmers will be expected to:

  1. Have and show respect for all Nantucket coaches, staff, teammates and parents.
  2. Have and show respect for all other teams’ coaches, swimmers and parents.
  3. Have and show respect for all swimming officials and meet volunteers.
  4. Stay on top of all school work, all of the time.
  5. Communicate regularly and clearly with coaches regarding attendance, illness, injuries, etc.
  6. Come to each practice mentally prepared to train at the highest possible level.
  7. Take personal responsibility and accountability for actions and performance during practices and in competitions.
  8. Set personal, yet realistic, goals and do the things necessary to achieve those goals.
  9. Take constructive advice well and praise graciously.
  10. Work as a team to achieve individual and common goals.
  11. Pay attention.
  12. Have a positive attitude.
  13. Enjoy the process as well as the end result.
  14. Have FUN!

Electronic Device Policy for the Dolphins Swim Team

Members of the Nantucket Dolphin Swim Team may not utilize electronic devices in the locker room facilities.  Cell Phones and all other electronic devices should be stored away in a bag or personal item prior to entering the locker room facility.  This policy also extends to the pool deck and any facilities in a practice or meet situation used by the swim team such as the gymnasium or classroom facilities.  If a swimmer is in violation of this policy they will be immediately suspended from all team activities.  They will be allowed to return to team activities after a meeting with the swimmer and their parents has taken place and a plan to reintegrate the swimmer has been determined.  The Nantucket Community Pool does reserve the right to remove the swimmer from the program if we believe it is warranted.

Locker Room Use by the Dolphins Swim Team

Swimmers who are currently in 6th grade or higher are to use the larger high school locker rooms.  Swimmers in 5th grade or lower may choose to use the larger high school locker room, at the parents discretion, or the smaller pool locker rooms.  Please note that the larger locker rooms are also being used by other school related activities and the pool does not have control over those programs. 

Time in the locker rooms should be used for a quick shower and to quickly and quietly get dressed before and after practice.  Locks may be used as day locks only.  Please do not leave them on the locker overnight.  Bags and other personal items may be brought out to the pool deck.  Any suspicious or inappropriate behavior should be brought to the attention of a coach immediately.